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Saving the world, one idea at a time.


As a writer and game designer from Southern California, I constantly push myself to create rich worlds full of diverse and interesting characters. Influenced greatly by the works of Darwyn Cooke and Moebius, I try to bring both a writers ear and an artist’s eye to every project I take on. Super-Human Resources, my first self-published game will be the culmination of my love for comic books, games and collective storytelling, with a wide cast of characters, a rich central narrative and a compelling game-play hook, SHR will be the next big thing in board-games.


As an artist I hope to:


1. Encourage creativity in everyone who engages with my work.

2. Help people tell stories together, for their shared narrative will be more rich than any they may witness alone.

3. Build worlds that people wish to return to again and again.

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