Building Super Human Resources

May 19, 2019


Announcing: Building S.H.R. 

Quick update everyone! 

I will be starting my development blog this week, the blog will follow my process as I bring SHR from an idea to a reality, expect posts that detail:


Character Breakdowns (Once a week):
In depth deep dives into individual characters, including their backstories, design process and mechanics including their current unlock-able abilities and alternate forms. 


New Art Assets (Sporadically):
I am currently hard at work at finishing new board art, prop art, card art and promo materials so expect updates as I show off new designs, most will be unfinished and feedback will be appreciated!


Playtest streams/videos/updates (Once a month):
This one I'm still working out the specifics on but I'd love to do some videos showing people playing the game as I feel it really lives in the stories people form as they play. 


Fan Art (Sporadically):
I am a huge nerd so expect occasional fan-art posts from various comic books/movies/tv shows/video games/etc.


And much more! 


Stay tuned and make sure to check out my blog  at least once a week! 


I'll also be chronicling all my posts categorized on this Post which will be available in the featured posts section so you can always click here to check on any updates you may have missed!



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Update 1: Tour Schedule



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