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Update 1: Tour Schedule

Hey everyone! Today is a small update before the large ones start ramping up next week. I am very excited to share with you all the SHR Tour Schedule!

Here is the list of events we will be attending in 2019:

More details:

Gen-Con: This will be our first big convention, and our first time showing our game off to the general public. We will have two maps to show and four scenarios as well as the 18 playable heroes currently in the game and 12 playable Nemesis villains. We will have a table at the First Exposure Playtest Hall and will be giving away some free goodies to anyone who stops by!

Learn more about: Gen-Con

SHUX'19: We will be returning to SHUX for our second time this year but this will be the first time as a developer! We are working to get a table at Indie Ave and will have free goodies and possibly some merch for all who swing by!

Learn more about: SHUX'19

Big Bad Con: Join us in Walnut Creek California for an all-inclusive family-friendly games convention! We have three scheduled play tests currently and may end up setting up even more!

Learn more about: Big Bad Con

Pax Unplugged: I am so excited to say we will be at PAX Unplugged as we lead up to the Kickstarters launch in December. We will be demo'ing the game and teasing some of the content that will only be unveiled once the KS goes live! Hope to see you there!

Learn more about: Pax Unplugged

Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to check back next week as we explore the world of SHR; learn about the four different power types that define this game and take a deep dive into each of the characters you'll be able to hire and unlock!

Super Human Resources coming to Kickstarter in December of 2019!

Save the world. Look good doing it.

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