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Top 17 Albums of 2017 #17-11!

Alright guys, kicking off the second list of my review-round-up!

This list is going to be a bit different, like my other lists, keep in mind, this is all subjective and has to do a lot with my personal tastes. Unlike my other lists this one will probably have the least amount of actual writing. I feel the music mostly speaks for itself so aside from a brief thought for each album, I mainly just want to highlight a track or two that stood out to me, though I strongly recommend you check out each of these albums in their entirety!

So! Without further ado, here is a list of my favorite music from 2017:


Gemini - Macklemore

Genre: Hip-Hop

Favorite Track:

Ain't Gonna Die Tonight

That fucking chorus man.

Macklemore has always been a bit divisive and for good reason but there's no arguing he's got talent, and with this album he's definitely staying more "in his lane" which is good for all.



Rainbow - Kesha

Genre: Pop

Favorite Track:


Kesha has risen again, this album is nothing short of a triumph. Not only is this album important for the hell she went through to make it's also extremely impressive how it manages to shift genres. This song is also very charming.



In Tongues - Joji

Genre: Lo-Fi

Favorite Track:

I Don't Wanna Waste My Time

This track isn't on the album but damn if it isn't good. It's hard to believe this is the same dude behind Pink Guy but I'm beyond happy with the direction George Miller has decided to go. Joji is now permanently on my radar and my playlists.



4:44 - JAY-Z

Genre: Hip-Hop

Favorite Track:

The Story of OJ

This video MAKES this album. I'm honestly not a fan of JAY-Z, like at all. I also don't agree that this is his "Lemonade", but this video is amazing and the song is fantastic too so, here we are. Seriously watch the video.



Woodstock -Portugal,The Man

Genre: Funk

Favorite Track:

Feel it Still

So this is probably the biggest surprise for me this year as I don't listen to the radio a lot but that's where this track caught me, and i'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling it still. The rest of the album is fantastic too.



Good For You - Amine

Genre: Alt Hip-Hop

Favorite Track:


Single after single and now this.

This entire album is BANANAS. I've been a fan of Amine since his Soundcloud days so to see him get big is super rewarding, and what a fantastic album to start off with!



The Adventure Zone OST - Griffin Mcelroy

Genre: Synth Pop

Favorite Track: Wonderland Round 3

Choosing just ONE track was the true challenge. The Adventure Zone's seminal Balance arc may have ended this year but the music Griffin created for it will live on.


As I said above, I strongly recommend you listen to each of these albums in their entirety as one track just cant do them justice, but hopefully this gives you a chance to check out some new music!

Alright guys, that's all for today! Thanks for your time and as always, any feedback is appreciated!

Also feel free to chime off in the comics and let me know what albums you loved this year!

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