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Best of 2017 Lists Master-Post

Hey Guys!

It's a new year and you know what that means!

... You don't know what that means?!



2017 was a dog-shit year for politics, life, love, pretty much everything fundamental to our survival...

Well, except for entertainment!

I don't know if it was our collective suffering that brought this on, but 2017 had a surplus of amazing films, shows, comics, games and so much more!

So I'm going to be listing all my favorite stuff from the year!

This year the categories are:


Top Films.

Top Comic Series.

Top Video Games.

Top Television Shows.

Top New Albums.

Top Lego Sets (YES REALLY).

Top Art Books (Published).


Is this hella self-congratulatory?

You betcha!

Am I going to do it anyway?

Also yes!

Hold onto your butts!...

Because these lists are...I mean...they're gonna list things... and be packed with witty thoughts!


List Directory:

Will be updated shortly! (Hold those horses!)

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