May 25, 2019

Hey everyone! Today is a small update before the large ones start ramping up next week. I am very excited to share with you all the SHR Tour Schedule! 

Here is the list of events we will be attending in 2019:

More details:

Gen-Con: This will be our first big convention, a...

October 7, 2018

“You cannot publish this.”

“I can and I will...I have to.”

“You don’t understand, this is bigger than the story”

“Don’t you dare patronize me, not now… you want to talk to me about the story?! You sanctimonious piece of- I cannot believe you right now!”

“Lois, please...I d...

October 7, 2018

How do you describe the indescribable. Poorly I suppose...a question poets have probably been asking themselves for centuries. I am no poet, well, not with words at least, I’ve been called “A Poet of Peril” and  “A Master of Escape”, not to brag or anything...

But this...

October 7, 2018

5:00 AM Monday Morning.

Waking up. Goddammit. If I have to wake up to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” one more time I’m calling child services. Uncle Dudley thinks he’s hilarious, switching my alarm out for his old-people music but what he doesn’t know is I slipped one o...

October 7, 2018

Cain can feel it before he can see it.

That undying presence, always there but forever out of reach. It shimmers a brilliant shade of red, the kind of red that only exists in movies. That impossible scarlet hue. Reflecting his hopes and dreams in its stony surface. It...

April 25, 2018

Day Twelve: 12/19 down!

End of Phase Two!


Favorite Moment: 

Javier: TBD

Antonio: There are a lot of great moments utilizing Ant Mans unique abilities but my favorite sequence is the Quantum Realm scene hands down. The sheer ambition of the psychedelic imagery used...

April 22, 2018

Day Eleven: 11/19 down!

Just doing some catch-up, we've watched the movies just haven't had time to write the blogs!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Favorite Moment:

Javier: TBD

Antonio: Like the first Avengers film, this movie has plenty of iconic moments, but for the sake of time...