Welcome to the world of Nu-Topia, a modular city on the rise. With capitalism booming, no industry is bigger right now than the hero business. That's right, heroes have gone corporate! And with their new corporate shift, comes a new line of work as companies hire new heads of Super Human Resources.

It is your job to hire new heroes to your companies sponsored super team, then deploy these heroes alongside other companies’ heroes as crisis arrive. As you progress through the ranks you will watch heroes rise and fall in popularity, you will earn government subsidies that will allow you to hire more famous and powerful heroes or you can invest in some affordable rookies and watch them grow.

Super Human Resources is an asymmetrical turn based game where four players take on the role of heads of SHR at their respective companies and one player takes on the role of The Nemesis, a mysterious force rallying all manner of villains, criminals and monsters to their employ.

Inspired by other asymmetrical scenario based games like Descent and Conan, SHR takes place on modular boards that you will assemble before each mission.

You will engage in dice based combat, unlock new abilities for your characters, interact with the board in interesting and innovate ways and discover a diverse and dynamic world of heroes and villains.